Why We’re Different

Dr. Smith graduated from Life-West Chiropractic College Sept. 1991. He brought professional chiropractic quality to this area in 1992 with 57 E. Main, being his forth location in Rexburg. He has been examined, tested, and licensed in the state of Idaho, and is an active member of Idaho Association of Chiropractic Physicians where he has recently been the District Director for Southeast Idaho. He is also a member of the American Chiropractic Association on the national level. He has been trained under the tutelage of Dr. John Brimhall, a world renown chiropractor, from Mesa, Az.

He has been honored and accepted as a life member of the National Registry of “Who’s who” published in the 2000 edition. He has been certified in Functional Muscle Therapy for both upper and lower body. He received his Basic and Advanced certification in NAET, a revolutionary technique for eliminating allergies, which has been very successful. And as of May 2002, Dr. Smith has been welcomed to the staff of Madison Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Smith is an active member of his church and is currently involved with the youth, (young men 12-13 yrs old), in which he is an Assistant Scout Master and a 2ND Counselor in the Young Mens. Dr. Smith also volunteers his time to the Boy Scouts of America at the District level where he is now the Round Table “New Scout” (11 yr. olds)Chairman. He is married to the former Heidi Heimbach and they are the proud parents of eight children.

Dr. Smith tries to “practice-what-he-preaches” by running 2 miles at least 5 times weekly. He loves the out doors and spends free time Hiking with his Boy Scouts or Family. Loves to hunt and fish, but says he doesn’t get as much time to do those things because his first love is “helping his patients.”

Currently, Dr. Smith treats many of his patients in the “new technique” he has learned called NeuroMuscular Re-education. It is not a massage, it is not pleasant, it’s just plain effective. Neuromuscular Reeducation is a “stand-alone” hands-on technique/approach to the evaluation and functional treatment of 90+% of the soft tissue injuries a professional will see in practice. He has hired a wonderful Massage Therapist, Chantel Tew, that works full-time so has turned most of his “soft tissue” work over to her.


Rachelle is our Office Manager and has been working with Dr. Smith as a patient and an employee for three years. She finds working for a chiropractor very rewarding as she gets to help and see the positive changes in our patients.

Rachelle and her husband are from Dallas Texas and are enjoying the quiet life in Sugar City while her husband attends Brigham Young University. Rachelle and her husband have been together a decade now and are the proud parents of four beautiful children.

When she’s not working, or chasing four kids, Rachelle loves outdoor activities, reading, learning about health and cultures and doing makeup! Rachelle owns her own business as a makeup artist but ultimately plans on returning back to school and earning a P.h.D in Marine Archaeology.