Manual Therapy and Massage Therapy

The many methods and techniques of manual therapy all involve specifically directed manual force to the spine in order to improve range of motion, correct the subluxation, relieve muscle tension and to reduce musculoskeletal pain. Because we are trained in a variety of massage and other manual therapy modalities; patients seeking manual therapy treatment are assured of receiving only the finest quality chiropractic care. Our professionals carefully evaluate your condition by up- to- date X-rays and two state-of-the-art electronic scans of the spine before administering manual therapy treatment which may include traction massage, deep tissue work, soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization and more.

All manual therapies performed are meant to eventually and effectually reduce pain and encourage total body wellness. Additional benefits of manual therapy include muscle spasm relief, cell metabolism, decrease inflammation, increase blood flow in muscles fibers, increase range of motion, disc decompression and the reduction of nerve pressure with increased scar tissue elasticity.

We have a Massage Therapist, Chantel Tew, on staff that has 11 years of experience who specializes in Deep Tissue, Trigger point therapy, Myotherapy, Myofascial Release, Swedish (relaxation only), Prenatal, Cranial Sacral, Reiki, Sports and Injury Massage, and Stretching, to help with all of the above plus several therapy tables/chair to also assist us in achieving your increased health success!


Dr. Smith is a hands-on Chiropractor. He manually adjusts unless the patient specifically requests instrument adjusting only, which he will gladly do. Dr. Smith does use the Arthro-stem adjusting tool in conjunction with his manual technique. He also has the famous Activator.


At Dr. Smith’s office the patient is always prepped BEFORE the adjustments with at least one of the manual therapies as mentioned above. In this way the professionals know that the soft tissue IS READY for the actual Chiropractic care.