Success Stories

P1040279I first met Dr. Smith at the St. Anthony Fair. Dr. Smith asked a lot of questions, not only about my lower back problem, but about my eating habits. Who would think a couple of Pepsi’s and candy each day could affect my body and muscles like that. After doing scans and testing at Dr. Smith’s office, I didn’t realize all the problems that I had consisted of my diet and exercise.

For my back issue, I have had this lower back problem for years and dealt with it. Not something that is easy to deal with when it affects your breathing, sleeping and sometimes just sitting. After about five months now from coming to Dr. Smith I have felt much better and happier. I will need to keep coming in for maintenance as Dr. Smith says and doing my homework. Because my problems with my back didn’t just happen overnight it will take time to feel 100% again. I know that if I do the things Dr. Smith says I will feel lots better. Dr. Smith has been very helpful to me and I am very grateful

Heidi A.




P1050036My time with Doc has been amazing. About 6 years before starting to see Doctor Smith I was in a terrible car accident where I had to go through 6 months of physical therapy and rehab in order to start walking again. Ever since then I have been on a consistent regimen of narcotic pain medications. Quality of life was almost non-existent, and if I forgot to take my medications on time, it was a difficulty to just stand up and walk without almost passing out from the pain. About 5 months ago I started to see Doc to seek treatment instead of pain management. It all started when a friend of mine at work told me about Doc and the help he had afforded him, So I thought I’d give it a shot. For the first 7-8 visits, I didn’t really notice any difference in my pain levels, but as time went on I noticed that I was starting to feel better and that my pain was lower than it had been previously.
About 2 ½ to 3 months into seeing Doc, I stopped taking my pain medications altogether. It has been about 5 months now, and I am living a completely normal life almost completely pain free. I mountain bike, swim, run, and do a myriad of other activities, pain and drug free. Since my accident, I never thought that I would attain and live the quality of life that I now enjoy.

Chantel, Doc, and the rest of the staff are amazing and have changes my life in such a way that I am beyond grateful and am thankful every day for the health and strength that I now have to actually live my life and not just eek by with the aid of medications.

Berkley J. T. S.

Scott-TaylorI’ve had low back pain for 4 months. I had physical therapy here in Malad which helped a little. My condition was so bad that it hurt to walk. I could only walk for about 5 minutes and then I would have to stop. I just got back from a hunting trip with my boy and it was miserable because of my condition. After treatment by Dr. Smith, I now feel much improved.

Scott T.










S.-MolseeAfter the first adjustments by Dr. Smith the numbness in my hands diminished. The numbness in my left hand decreased the most. I had gotten to the point where after playing guitar for 10 minutes my left hand would be totally numb. It’s not totally normal yet but has vastly improved.

S. Molsee










Karisa-MuirWhen I began visiting with Doctor Smith I had some really bad neck and back pain. I had been getting treatment for a couple weeks and one weekend I experienced some arm weakness and numbness that also gave me some headaches. The next day when I came into see Dr. Smith he told me about this emotional muscle testing that he would like to try on me. I agreed to it and I was amazed because after the treatment all the pain and weakness in my arm was gone. I am still in the process of working with Doctor Smith with this emotion testing and each time it had made differences!

Karisa M.










Nalder-CindyWhen I came in to see Dr. Smith, I had been suffering from tension headaches 3 to 4 times a week. This problem started back when I was in Junior High School. I also had sciatica pain in my left leg which started 2 years ago. I haven’t had a headache for a week and my sciatica pain is decreasing with each visit. Thank you Dr. Smith!

Cindy N.













Grover-DianaI started having a lot of health problems about eight years ago. I was diagnosed with Epstein Bar virus and then West Nile virus. I had chronic fatigue. I would struggle most days to even get out of bed. I found it hard to do simple household chores. I have five children still at home, so it was very difficult to take care of my family, let alone myself. I had always wanted to go back to work after my last son was born, but I was unable to due to my declining health.
I went to many Doctors and healthcare professionals. They would prescribe antibiotics and anti-depressants, but nothing helped. I thought I was developing M.S. I went to a neurologist and he said it wasn’t M.S. but he couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. I started seeing Dr. Smith, he had helped my son with some of his health problems and he told me about an anti-fungal diet. He had me read a book called “The Fungus Link” by Doug Kaufman. It changed my life. I went from not being able to get out of bed to having lots of energy and feeling younger than I had felt for several years.
I don’t eat any sugar or flour. I eat lots of fruits and vegetables, Chicken, rice, and nuts. I am so appreciative of Dr. Smith and his insight. He just likes to help people and see them improve. It’s not easy to stay on this diet, but it sure is worth it. I feel so much better. I even had thoughts that I would rather die than go on like this. I have always been a very active person, and love the outdoors. It is so great to feel healthy and strong again.

Diana G.



Jessica-PfeifferMy name is Jessica. I started having migraines upon entering the Missionary Training Center. I continued to have a constant migraine for over the next six months. I went to several doctors and had several tests done. It came down to being told that I had migraines and that I deal with it. Well over three years later I decided I was done with dealing with the pain and that there must be some solution. I have been living in Rexburg for the past year. Six months ago I found the Backsmith. After my first meeting I came away with hope and a better understanding of what was causing my migraines. Since I have been coming I have had better sleep, less stress, more energy and almost no migraines. The ones I do get only last one day and go away with a little Advil. That is relief that I have not had in the past four years of life. I am so grateful to be better!

Jessica P.








Bobbi-WarnerI am Bobbi Warner. I started treatments with Dr. Smith for neck pain, headaches, and TMJ. I had injuries from previous accidents. Dr. Smith not only helped with the pain, but also with other causes of my headaches such as emotional stress and allergies. He runs an office where people can feel comfortable and are able to ask questions. Dr. Smith has given me a lot of good advice to help in the healing process. I plan to continue with treatments since we are making great progress and I am feeling much better.
Thank you to the Backsmith!

Bobbi W.









Debi-W.When I first came in to see Dr. Smith I was having a lot of
headaches and lower back issues. I was impressed that he took x-rays first to know what he was working on. After several visits my headaches lessened, now I only have them about once a month, if that. The lower back pain has been better as well. I love the atmosphere with the music in the office, and the always positive greeting when I enter. Thanks Doc and staff for all you do!

Debi W.










Vickie-C.For about 6 weeks, I was having really sharp pain up and down the right side of my back just below my shoulder blade. When I first came in Doctor Smith did a few adjustments and it did seem better. Then decided we should do some x-rays and found my spine was out of alignment , so a couple more treatments and I am feeling great.
Thank you Doctor Smith!

Vickie C.










Jamie-LovellMarlee is my daughter, who is 10 yrs. Old. At about 6 yrs. Old she got ran over by her Dad in his truck. The truck ran her head over, but by the graciousness of God it did not go completely over her head. Since she got ran over she has had severe headaches that would not be relieved by anything except me rubbing her head for about 4 hrs. every day.
Her headaches got to the point where she would have one every day and then sometimes two a day. I tried everything from strong pain medicine to Physical Therapy. I finally decided to take her to Dr. Smith, who was recommended to me by my mother-in-law. Marlees’ headaches have reduced drastically down to once a week for the past 11 weeks and she’s only had two severe ones. I’m so thankful for Dr. Smith, being the caring and knowledgeable person he is. He has helped Marlee be able to live her life like a ten year old should.

Jamie L.








Dallin-BroneyI hurt my back in construction I came to Dr. Smith to get help. Within one or two visits, I was seeing a drastic result towards Improvement on my back. Every time I come I can feel my back get back to normal so I can get back to the things I like to do.

Dallin B.












Sarah-BairdIn April of two thousand and eight I went to a concert and a girl was body surfing and landed on my neck. My neck hurt for a while but then I got a little better. As months passed by my neck hurt and my lower back was in pain. And every now and then I would get a sharp pain in my neck. I finally decided I needed to see a chiropractor. I’ve been seeing Doctor Smith for about 4-5 months now and I haven’t had any pain in my back, neck or shoulders since we started our treatments. I feel great!

Sarah B.










Sharon-ChristensenDear Dr. Smith, For two weeks now I have not been able to lay down, sit or stand because of the sciatic pain I have been suffering in my lower back and down my leg. The only relief that U have been able to get was to lie down quietly in a certain reclining chair. After coming to you for a treatment yesterday I had less pain. As you know I have had lower back surgery and am not able to be manipulated. You worked the pressure points across my lower back and down my leg, which gave me relief. You have helped me many times over the years and I thank you. I will be “back.”

Sharon C.











Toni-HitesmanBefore I started coming to Dr. Smith I had upper back pain. Also, My left arm would go numb. The doctors told me that I had carpel tunnel in my left arm. Since I have been coming to Dr. Smith it has helped. I don’t have the back pain or the numbness. You have made my life wonderful. At least now I don’t have to have surgery for the carpel tunnel. I like coming to Dr. Smith because I may walk in with pain but I will walk out feeling better. Thanks Dr. Smith.
Sincerely yours,

Toni H.










Joseph-GosarUnbelievers, when I talked to Dr. Smith I decided that I needed to make some changes. My back was negatively affecting every aspect of my life… my school, my family and most of all my health and wellbeing. My back was so bad that I would have to wear a brace and take medicine for the pain just to get through a busy day. I couldn’t exercise, as walking and running would just make my back so tight I could hardly move for days. I know Dr. Smith has helped. I feel taller. I feel like my posture has improved immensely. I have changed a lot of things and have been working hard for the last month, and with the help of Dr. Smith I was able to run 1.5 miles this last with without my back hurting me at all. Years have been taken off my back. I am finally able to start enjoying life again.

Joseph G.







The-HillmansDear Alan Smith,
My daughter Kami is age 2. I started to bring her because I felt a flat spot in her back. Well before this, I had taken her to a neurologist because she would shake every time she would wake up. The doctor said Kami had epilepsy. The doctor wanted to put her on a drug called keppra. My husband said no. He just had a really bad feeling about his. So we took her down to Primary Children’s Hospital. They told us that she did not have epilepsy. So after I felt the flat spot in her back, I took her to her doctor and he said it was normal. So I got in a fight with him because I knew there was wrong with her back. So I brought her to the Backsmith. He started seeing her that day. And since then she has stopped shaking. She has started telling me when we leave “that guy makes my neck, back and feet better.” Thank you very much for helping my baby girl!

The Hillmans!





Haws-S.Before I came in to see Dr. Smith, my lower back was experiencing excruciating, sudden prolonged soreness. My toes were numb and I was constantly walking around with a headache. I’ve always had numbness and poor circulation. However I did not decide to go to the chiropractor until a month of lower back pain in which I could not shake. When I went to Dr. Smith, he instructed me to proceed with a couple of activities that would help with my muscles and bones. I was terrified at first but the staff was so comforting. The pain has now stopped and numbness has ceased. Most of all, no more headaches. What have you got to lose by coming to the chiropractor? The pain! He’s friendly, professional and he’s worth it.

S. Haws







Jones-ElizabethWhen I came in to see Dr. Smith, my neck and shoulders down to my fingers on the right side hurt. Across my right shoulder to my left one hurt. I couldn’t lift my right arm. Dr. Smith started on my neck and upper back. The pain was gone. Had little pain after that. I have no problems now. Thanks to Dr. Smith. He was there when I needed his help. Thanks so much Dr. Smith.

Elizabeth J.










Miller-MattI had been suffering from pain in my upper back, between my shoulders blades since my senior year of high school, due to a wrestling injury. I had seen another chiropractor just after the incident but I thought the pain was something I would have to live with. After a handful of visits to Doctor Smith the pain went away. It has been six months with on pain in my upper back after living with it for ten years. Thanks Doc.

Matt M.











William-C.-FauroteDear Doctor Smith,
I am writing you in regards to the care I received for my back problems. I am writing mainly to tell you thank you for your tremendous work you have done for me. When I first came in I had a reverse curve in my neck which is now well on the way to being where it should be normally. Also I had a real burning pain in my left upper leg in which ran all the way to my toes and many times it was numb. Since I have been going to your office for treatment, the pain has subsided and the feeling has come back to my leg. I would like to thank you for everything you have done to make life a little less painful and for the superior professionalism and treatment I have received at your office. Thank you.

William C. F.








R.-SmithAfter two open heart surgeries and eight years of pain in my chest, I was at the end of my rope. The doctors told me that I had “Phantom Angina” and it was a small price to pay for a second lease on life. My wife made me go to Dr. Smith. He checked me out and said I had ribs out of place. When he “popped” my back and chest it snapped so loud and hurt so bad I thought I was done for. Then I stood up and the pain in my chest was gone. I needed several adjustments because the muscles were trained after eight years to sit differently. His treatment cured the “Phantom Angina” and solved a lot of problems.

R. Smith







Barrey-DaltonMy Son Dalton had been dirt bike racing and had an accident that made him have continual headaches. He would wake up with them and have them all day. The severity would change throughout the day. I brought him into Dr. Smith after going to traditional doctors and not getting relief. After 3 visits with Dr. Smith and no more dirt bike accidents, Dalton’s headaches went away. He has been headache free for 6 months now. It has been a blessing for him.
Thank you Dr. Smith!

Dalton B.








Patriquin-WallaceI came to Dr. Smith because my back was always going out and it was getting worse. As a truck driver I thought that I would have to live with it was part of the job. But after some treatments and following his back care instructions my back never goes out any more!

Wallace P.











Thank you for the massage treatment you gave my back. Before the treatment I always felt a sickness/ and or knot between my shoulder blades. I’ve spent HUNDREDS of dollars trying to get relief, but was told nothing was wrong.
Well, you found out what was going on and gave me great relief for $5.00 at the Madison County Fair.
You know it takes a great healer to help the human body and you are a skilled healer. You were able to compress toxic residue out of my back which then filtered out through my system. I got dizzy and a little frightened, but it was well worth it.
Thanks again and keep up the good work!

P.S. This condition was with me since I broke my neck 25 years ago.

Kirk M.






Worrell-AlysonBefore I met Dr. Smith I couldn’t lay down flat because my lower back hurt bad enough to bring me to tears. I experienced Migraines 3-4 times a week and had extreme sensitivity to light. To put things short, I was in a constant state of pain and always in a rotten mood!
Dr. Smith found I had a reverse curve in my neck and several disc wedges. He worked with me to fix those problems. In addition to helping my chiropractic problems, he worked to improve my overall health.
Now I rarely experience migraines and have almost no lower back pain to speak of…I don’t have to worry about forgetting my sunglasses when I go outside. I am thankful for what Dr. Smith has done for me and I recommend him to everybody.

Alison W.








Leonard-EarlI, Earl Leonard, first came in for visit and treatment in late February. I had problems in my upper neck, middle shoulder area and lower back. Also had pains in legs when sitting flatfooted. Since receiving treatment twice a week, the pains in my legs have been minimal and back and neck area aren’t sensitive any more. It can now be treated with various pressure point treatments with minimal pain. I have better back movement. Dr. Smith has also been very good at explaining where and why I’ve had problems and the treatments he will give to improve my health and problem of why they are here.

E. Leonard









Packard-PaulaDoctor Smith,
Thanks for all your help. When I came in my neck had limited range of motion. I hurt so bad that I couldn’t sleep through night. Within a couple of treatments I improved 90%. It feels better now than it has since before my pregnancy. Thanks

Paula P.







Vierra-RobertTwo months ago I noticed a pain in my lower back and my feet and legs started to swell. I went to my doctor and he gave me some medication to help the swelling go down. It helped some what, but not enough. I was still in pain. So I went to a podiatrist and he checked my feet and legs and recommended that we start therapy. He also recommended that I seek out a chiropractor and see what he thought. I went to one session of therapy and then a couple of days later I came to my appointment with Doctor Smith. I went up to the hospital with a prescription from Doctor Smith to take x-rays. Before we got the x-rays back Doctor Smith laid me on the adjusting table, located where the pain was, and snapped me back into place. Immediately after he had done this the pain was gone. By that evening the swelling in my feet and the pain in my legs was gone. When we looked at the x-rays when they came we noticed that my vertebrae in my lower back was out of place and was pinching a nerve causing the blood not to flow properly to my legs and my feet. Of this day, December 22, 2010 I have fully recovered.

>Robert V.





S.-SnarrFor the past year and a half, I have had pain in my hip. I would have trouble walking and running. I’ve been trying different chiropractors and nothing seemed to change. When I started getting adjustments from Dr. Smith, I started to feel better. It didn’t take long before the pain was completely gone.

S. Snarr










Hope-JayI’d been having low Back pain and stiffness. At times it was sharp pain. It would come and go. It was hard to bend over and occasionally I would feel numbness down my leg and burning in my left groin. I had to be careful how I sat and it was hard to stand for long periods of time because the symptoms would appear. After I had been doing some work around the house, moving 55 gallon drums, the symptoms wouldn’t go away. I asked my brother Dale, knowing he has had some back problems, who he recommended. He told me about Dr. Smith. It had been a long time since I had been to a chiropractor and had little relief so needless to say, I was skeptical and cautious when I set the appointment. Dr. Smith did an exam and x-rays. I had abnormal deviations in my spine and put me on a care program. After a couple of months my symptoms had improved dramatically and I am thankful that my brother encouraged me to go see Dr. Smith. My life has improved. And I can now do things I couldn’t do for several years. Even play with my grandkids.

Jay H.







I have been seeing Dr. Smith since 2007. When I first came to Dr. Smith for help, I could barely move my body. There was pain in all of my joints, especially my back, neck and hands. If I got sick, the pain was excruciating. And I just dealt with it for 4 ½ years. My husband and Dr. Smith were talking one day and Dr. Smith said he could help me and for me to stop by. I took the advice, went to the office and had an X-ray done. Come to find out, I have degenerating discs and joints. I am a very active person and love sports, so this was not good news to me. Dr. Smith put me on a program, which involves stretching, vitamins, and appointments three times a week. In six months, I was a new person! It no longer hurt to lift a box, feed the cows or play with my children. I literally have no pain left. I have talked with a lot of doctors and some physical therapists…None of them recommended a chiropractor and I am so glad to know one! It feels so good to be pain free!

Adonnia W.






Before I started seeing Dr. Smith, I would have at least one or two severe headaches throughout the week, every week. My back was weak, I couldn’t pick up anything over 40 lbs. After doing x-rays, he determined my spine and neck were out of alignment and we set up a plan to fix the problem. After just a month and a half the headaches are almost completely gone and my back is also feeling much better. I’ve gone to a few chiropractors in the past but none as thorough as Dr. Smith….Thanks Doc!

Ryan T.









Before I came to Dr. Smith, I was experiencing migraines weekly and it was impossible to sleep because of my neck and back pain. My husband made my first appointment and afterwards I received symptomatic relief but it wasn’t until I began a chiropractic plan that I experienced true relief. My migraines disappeared almost instantly and my neck and back pain noticeably subsided at the end of my second week of the plan. I had been experiencing vocal fatigue previous to treatment and that also subsided and then disappeared. This is extremely valuable to me because I am an opera singer and I teach at BYU-Idaho. I no longer wake up with numbness in my arms, bright lights don’t give me headaches and I can lie down at night without a struggle to get comfortable. The treatment that I have received has improved my quality of life and relived unnecessary pain.

Candice M.







I have been seeing Dr. Smith since the first of November for lower back pain. It has been three months and my back feels a lot better and I’m sure with more therapy, it will feel great. I also was suffering from what doctors call IBS. Since my visits, most of my symptoms have disappeared.

Curt B.










My name is Brandon Bake. Before I came to Dr. Smiths, I had a hard time waking up in the morning. While I was going to Dr. Smith’s, about one third of the two months I had been here, I’d noticed that I slept better and woke up in the morning felling better. I have also noticed that my five senses have become better. I have improved in areas that I didn’t know were bad. I feel better thanks to Doctor Smith. Thank you for your time.

Brandon B.










I have suffered with migraines for 25-30 years. When I came to Dr. Smith, I was having two to three per week. Also my left arm was numb most of the time. I have prescription medication that gets rid of the pain but leaves me unable to think clearly and make a conversation. I had a silent migraine stroke in 2003 and am now on disability. The first time I came to see Dr. Smith he gave me a treatment and I have not had a migraine since. I have spine damage from an accident that Dr. Smith will continue to treat. I can’t explain the relief I have enjoyed. If I had had this type of treatment before, I may have avoided years of suffering. Thanks to Dr. Smith I am migraine free.

Marian S.








Jacob was born two months premature and experienced many physical problems due to his premature birth, anemia and AD atrophic dermatitis. After several months of treatments from another chiropractor, which helped, out attention was drawn to Dr. Smith. A piano student of mine explained how he was cured of his allergy to cats through a system practiced by Dr. Smith. After taking Jacob to Dr. Smith, we learned that he had allergies which were severely aggravated by his condition. So after two allergy treatments, Jacob is a new baby with a happy and relieved life ahead of him. Thank you Dr. Smith.

Leah D.








On March twelfth two thousand and five while sprinkling ice melt at my job, I slipped on black ice and injured my back quite bad. I came to Dr. Smith and he corrected most of my injuries but I still ended up having back surgery on my lower back. Dr. Smith had worked with me all this way with this problem. He has worked on my lower back and never once hurt me. Every time I’ve walked out of here, I’ve walked straighter and felt much better.

Ronald H.









Dr. Smith, Each year I always had allergies during the summer but his year (2009) they were horrible. I tried over the counter medicine but it just drugged me to the point that I couldn’t function. So NAET was next in line and thankfully it worked! My allergies were significantly lessened to where I only needed homeopathic medicine occasionally. Thanks! P.S. also my young son who had a milk allergy was helped with NAET even though he was still breast feeding.

Jerome J.









When I arrived in Rexburg, I would get headaches and double vision. This made it hard to study. I also had a pain in my wrists. After note taking for a short amount of time I would have to stop. Dr. Smith massaged my arms which provided relief. Through chiropractic treatment my headaches and double vision went away. I haven’t been bothered in many months! Thanks Dr. Smith! For three years I had food allergies which got worse until I was living on a restricted diet. It was hard for me to digest meat and I felt like I was at the end of my rope. I couldn’t buy many foods from the grocery store. Dr. Smith treated me with NAET and much to my surprise, I can now eat whatever I want to with no adverse consequences. It was the combination of chiropractic treatment and NAET which helped so much more than anything I had tried in the past. Dr. Smith not only gave me my dairy back, he gave me my life back! A few months after treatment, I was able to run the Temple to Temple relay with my friends, which I would not have been able to do before. Thank you, Dr. Smith!

Will T.


For about a decade I have had reoccurring Sciatica, with the pain shooting down my right leg for several days at a time. Then, at times, things would switch up, and my left leg would take a turn. I had tried various other chiropractors for temporary relief and had surgery suggested as an eventuality by a nurse practitioner. I was referred to Dr. Smith via a couple chiropractors outside of the area. With his expertise and determination, Sciatica is no longer a companion of mine. Anyone who knows me on the dance floor or at the end of a snow shovel realizes this is amazing. Thanks Tons!

Sherma W.









Before I started working for Dr. Smith I was indeed a patient! I had only ever been to one other Chiropractor before Dr. Smith and wasn’t impressed. He told me I had scoliosis and I had to ask him if I should come in again for another treatment. He said if I wanted to I could! So, I found Dr. Smith! He took X-rays and was VERY aggressive in my treatments and set me up on a scheduled treatment plan. I didn’t have scoliosis, but joint and disk degenerative disease. I was only 23 when I began seeing Dr. Smith and had been libing in pain since at least 13 years old..i thought it was normal and had been living in excruciating pain for so lon I didn’t realize haow much pain I had been dealing with. But after the birth of my third child, I was in so much pain, I wished for death! No amount of pain killers I took could cover the pain. At times death seemed like it would be sweet relief. I obviously couldn’t be on pain killers the rest of my life. After just ONE adjustment from Dr. Smith, I woke up the next morning pain free! I hadn’t realized the pain had been controlling my life. I was able to play with my children for the first time without having to say ,”not now, Mommy has a headache! My life has changed dramatically since and my husband can attest to the attitude change! Since then I have been able to alleviate my fibromyalgia, help my hypoglycemia, and have even been treated for some allergies (NAET). And as a perk, I was 5’4” and after adjustments, I am now 5’6”!

Rachelle C.


SUCCESS!!! After two open heart surgeries and eight years of pain in my chest, I was “at the end of my rope”. The Doctors told me that I had “Phantom Angina” and it was a small price to pay for a second lease on life. My wife made me go to Dr. Smith. He checked me out and said I had my ribs out of place…When he “popped” my back and chest it snapped so loud and hurt so bad I thought I was done for. Then I stood up and the pain in my chest was gone. I needed several adjustments because the muscles were trained after eight years to sit differently. His treatments cured the “Phantom Angina” and solved eight years of constant pain!









Dr. Smith, I first met you at your booth at the Scarecrow Festival in Malad. My husband insisted that I come in because I had been suffering from a constant headache for about 8 months. I had been to 3 different medical specialists, one in Pocatello, one in Malad, and one in Tremonton. I was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis but none of the treatment helped one bit. Dr. Smith took 2 complete scans of my back and neck and ordered x-rays from the local hospital before beginning treatment. Ever since the 3rd treatment I have only had 2 headaches in the past 2 months. It has been a total transformation. Thank you for being so knowledgeable and for helping me when I couldn’t help myself.

Sarah S.








Five years ago I had a car accident that ruined my back. I went to all kinds of doctors, chiropractors acupuncturists, etc. in California. In Idaho I went to the Spine Clinic and I had cement block liquid placed in my spine. It helped some, but shopping in Pocatello all day, which is what you have to do when you live in Downey, was still too hard on my back. After I found Dr. Smith it seemed to make a huge difference. Now I can shop, come home, put it all away and then sit down. I can also sleep better. Before, I couldn’t vacuum the floors without being in pain for hours. Dr. Smith really helped my back a lot. My shoulders and hip and knee were pretty bad too. I completely forgot about my nick, which was as bad as my back from the car accident.

Ilene C.








Dr. Smith, When I first came in, I was experiencing shoulder pain and extreme upper back and neck pain. There were times that I could barely get out of bed because of the pain. After a few months of weekly treatment I have found new strength in my back, shoulders and neck. The pain in my shoulders that I believed to be a torn rotator cuff requiring surgery is completely healed. I am able to walk outside doing things I had given up on before. Thank you.

D. Thibedeau










Dr. Smith, You have helped me enormously with several allergy problems. When I came in I was miserable with pain and allergies to minerals. The treatments I received from a doctor in Pocatello didn’t help. You got right on those problems and fixed them. Thank you,

D. Riddon










Dr. Smith has helped me so much. I have suffered almost my entire life with asthma and chronic sore throats. It’s been a real pain because I love playing basketball, football, and baseball and other sports. I also have hobbies and don’t like to sit around the house and be sick, which is expected of a 15 year old kid. My family has given me a lot of support but we haven’t been able to find a solution until I started receiving help from Dr. Smith. He changed my diet and started Chiropractic work on my back. Ever since, I can honestly say that I have had a boost of energy and not nearly as many sore throats. Better yet, it got rid of my exercise induced asthma. I can’t thank him enough. Thanks,

Devon S.








Before I came to see Dr. Smith, I had been in pain for about four years. I would wake up in the middle of the night with severe back pain or I would lay awake for hours in so much pain that I could not fall asleep. I decided to see if Dr. Smith could help me and after just a handful of visits, I feel like a new person. Not only was my back a nightmare but also had a very unique pain in my collar bone. I had visited with my family doctor twice, had an MRI done, visited with a neurosurgeon, as well as two rounds of physical therapy and nothing had worked. I was so frustrated and I shared my frustration with Dr. Smith. For the first time I felt like someone was actually listening. Dr. Smith helped me pinpoint the pain and after seeing one more specialist and receiving a quick injection into the collar bone pain site and maintenance with Dr. Smith, I am pain free after over a year. What cost me thousands of dollars could have been fixed so quickly and inexpensively with Dr. Smith’s help! I truly feel blessed to be in such capable hands!

Jen H.






A year ago I was having cramps in my legs. I couldn’t sit without putting my leg up on a chair. I couldn’t sleep on my side or my leg hurt. I had my calcium tested and it was fine. Then I came to Dr. Smith. He began treatments and now a year later I have no leg cramps and feel so much better. I appreciate his care. Recently I went in for my yearly check up with my female doctor. He asked if I still had leg cramps and I said no. I told him I had been going to a chiropractor. He said that going to a chiropractor was good because it relieves stress, I agreed

Elaine S.









Before my treatments, I had a Headache nearly every day! Sitting down for any length of time severely hurt my back and hips. I would have almost constant discomfort in my back and would wake up often with back, abdominal and chest pain. Since visiting Dr. Smith my Headaches have really reduced. Sitting doesn’t kill my hips and I don’t wake up as often in pain. My back is still a work in progress, but these treatments seem to really be helping!

Rebekah H.









I have gone to several other Doctors since hurting my back. Usually within a week or so I felt as if I needed to be adjusted again. Thanks to Dr. Smith it has been 4 months since my last visit. Thank you Dr. Smith!

Carol M.










Several years ago I was diagnosed with POCS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome). I was told by doctors that it would be hard to impossible to get pregnant. After trying different fertility medicines over a course of 2 years, I felt like there was no hope. My hormone levels never changed. I was seeing Dr. Smith already for my back, which was starting to feel great! As part of my treatment, we did a Bio-Meridian scan. It showed that my reproductive system was in the RED! Dr. Smith suggested a supplement—“Symplex F”. The next cycle of fertility meds, I added the “Symplex F” as well. I took it every day. Not only did the doctor see a rise in hormones for the 1st time ever, but my levels were right on par with the average, healthy woman. It took several years of no success with just “Western Medicine.” After several months of reprogramming my spine through Chiropractic adjustments and then taking “Symplex F,” my body started working properly. Now, I am 10 weeks pregnant with a healthy pregnancy that we never thought possible. THANK YOU Dr. Smith!

Sonya F.






My daughter, Evelyn, is two months old. She has had projectile vomiting since she was born. We have tried so many different things to prevent it, but it seemed that no matter what we tried she still threw-up. We had her sleeping in a car seat to keep her upright. We would try and burp her for about a half-hour after feeding. I tried changing foods in my diet to see if there could be any improvement, but nothing seemed to help enough. In the one week since we took her to see Dr. Smith, she has only thrown- up twice verses twice a day. She is now sleeping in her crib because since the Adjustment she was, for some reason, adjatated when we would put her in her car seat to sleep. She also, now, sleeps for longer periods at night. In fact, one night this past week she slept through the entire night! I never had thought of bringing her to a Chiropractor, BUT, I’m glad I did. Thank you Dr. Smith!

Tonya C.







I have had a “bad back” for about 8 years. I hurt my back lifting a heavy box, and since then my low back has just seemed to get worse and worse, regardless of what exercise or stretching or other things I’ve tried. Two years ago it had gotten to the point that about every two months I would pull something and end up out of commission for a few days, and I had pain and weakness every day, especially at the end of each day. I went to many chiropractors over the years and was able to get some temporary relief, but nothing really seemed to last. Then, last January I went to see an orthopedic doctor who diagnosed me with degenerative disk disease and started me in physical therapy. Each therapy session left me full of pain and weakness, and then after a few weeks I started to experience pain and burning in my left foot. This led to an MRI and other tests, and while these shoed that my disks were bulging some, there was no visible nerve impingement anywhere; so, they said I must just have inflammation around the nerve and that it would probably go away with time. I was told to avoid sitting and wait. I couldn’t drive, I could only walk short distances without great pain, and I couldn’t even stand up for more than about 30 minutes at a time and not pay for it. For weeks I mostly stayed down and waited, but nothing got better, and after 12 weeks I went back in for surgical consultation. Once again, the doctor (a different on this time), couldn’t recommend surgery because no nerve impingement was visible. There was basically nothing they could do for me. I also saw a neurologist who did many tests and could find no cause of the foot pain. At this point I tried some different strong medications and some nerve-blocking shots, but nothing really seemed to do anything. I’d read a lot about deep tissue massage and therapies that broke down scar tissue in the muscles that sounded promising, but the only therapists I knew of that did this kind of treatment were back East.. So I was basically an invalid for 8+ months. Finally, a little over a month ago my sister-in-law recommended I give Dr. Smith a try, and because she said he used x-rays and wasn’t your typical chiropractor, I decided it couldn’t hurt. He took x-rays and found that I had “kinks” in my spine in four different places, including the spot of the spine where the nerve roots to my left foot live. Not on doctor up to this point had done a full spine x-ray. Imagine my amazement to learn that Dr. Smith also does soft tissue rehabilitation as well as the chiropractic adjustments! I was also impressed that Dr. Smith uses the x-rays to determine specifically where the structural adjustments need to be made. This made a lot more sense to me than the same old adjustment given to everyone, every visit that is common in most chiropractic offices. Dr. Smith also took into account other health issues I was suffering from, such as eye-strain, poor circulation, etc. and recommended some diet changes and a multivitamin. After five weeks I’ve seen definite improvements. The burning pain in my foot has gone down by about 40%, and the pain level in my back has gone way down. I can now drive and shop and walk and stand for much longer, and my pain level is much less. I haven’t had on real headache since we began treatments, and before that I’d get them about once a week. I’ve been able to do much more reading than before as well, because my eyes last longer. Progress x-rays show that three of the four kinks are already straightening out, and we have great hopes for the last kink to get in gear one of these days. I’ve been so pleased and relieved to finally have found someone who could help me—I would and do recommend Dr. Smith to anyone suffering from chronic pain and many other things that “traditional” doctors can’t do anything about. I am not back to full health yet, but I’m certainly much better and I’m sure my improvement will continue.

Heidi P.